New 365 Command simplifies Office 365 tasks

MessageOps today launched 365 Command, a web-based portal that allows users to perform common Office 365 administrative tasks without complicated scripting.

A hosted service, 365 Command replaces the command line interface of Windows® PowerShell with a rich, HTML5 graphical user interface that offers point-and-click changing of mailbox settings, monitoring usage and reporting.

Features include:

  • Graphical overview of user data, device access, total mailbox count and size
  • Maps that show the specific datacenter location of mailboxes in the cloud, the number at each location, their total size, last log in and size over time
  • Mailbox editing to set forwarding addresses, create shared mailboxes, change access permissions, create and set passwords, require password changes and set passwords to never expire
  • Report generation that illustrates hard-to-access data, such as devices by mailbox, in both graphic views and for download as Microsoft Excel or CSV data.

Visit for more information.