Sprint announces accessible education ID pack for smartphones

Sprint today announced an application bundle called Accessible Education ID pack and new smartphone, LG Optimus F3™,
offering features designed to make the device more accessible for people with vision loss or other disabilities.

The ID pack helps K-12 students with print disabilities access Web-based educational resources on their smartphone. Features include:

  • Customized mobile Web services designed to eliminate clutter and display only the parts of Web pages of interest to the user
  • Mobile-friendly interfaces and Web-based educational resources.

Applications within the Accessible Education ID pack, developed by Apps4Android, include:

  • Six applications that simplify access to WebMATH, a free website hosted by Discovery Education
  • KhAndroid: a fully accessible Android application that enables users to view Khan Academy's library of more than 2,200 micro lectures via video tutorials.
  • IDEAL Equation Finder: a speech recognition-based application, designed to take advantage of EqsQuest’s semantic search technology for math and science.