Low Cost Single-Event Keypad Released

Turning Technologies has announced the release of the new ResponseCard SE keypad, a low cost, single-event use keypad. Its short term life (up to 10 days) and low cost eliminates the need for post-event collection or management of devices. ResponseCard SE will be sold with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $9.95 per keypad.

ResponseCard SE operates on patented 2-way radio frequency (RF) technology and is not limited to line-of-sight transmission. ResponseCard SE can be used with the company’s TurningPoint polling software.

Specifications Include:

  • Range: 200’ radius (400’ coverage)
  • Input: 6 buttons (1/A - 5/E, Channel)
  • RF Technology: 25 Channels
  • LED Light: Participants receive answer confirmation on ResponseCard through two-way communication. Successful transmissions are acknowledged on the participant’s keypad via three second green light signal.
  • Product Life: 10 days
  • Receivers: Compatible with RF+ (RRRF-03) and RF (RRRF-04) Receivers