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6 Tools to Bring Video to Your Classroom

6 Tools to Bring Video to Your Classroom

Do you want to know what my favorite digital creation tool is? Without a doubt, it's video. Video is one of the most versatile creation tools a student can use. They can put together things like commercials, documentaries, new broadcast, interviews, and more. You can even design multiple scenarios on the same topic just by changing what type of video you are doing. Video is indeed the tool that you can use in any classroom!

This blog focuses on seven video tools that can bring basic video to your classroom easy. We want to hit the broadest range, so you will notice that a couple of tools lock you in based on device, and we will not talk about video tools that trend more towards the premier exiting sides like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Realistically, if you want to do video in the purest form, an iPad becomes your new best friend, but there are other tools that work pretty well. Without further ado, here are my six favorite tools to bring video creation to any classroom.

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David Lockhart is an edtech presenter, speaker, advocate, and coach with over ten years' experience teaching high school social studies. As an Education Technology Specialist with the Iteach Center at Kennesaw State University, he works with a metro Atlanta school district to personalize learning for students with the aid of technology. Read his blog at and follow him on Twitter @bigguyinabowtie.