Shift to online test taking drives demand for broadband services

To help schools and school districts improve their broadband speeds and meet the increase in demand for bandwidth, AT&T is delivering secure, scalable networking services such as Switched Ethernet and Managed Internet Services.

According to the State Education Technology Directors Association, schools will need Wide Area Network connections of 1 Gbps per 1,000 students and staff by 2014-15. Many schools are preparing now for the future demand:

Bartow County (GA) Schools is upgrading its existing Metro Ethernet to attain speeds of 1-2 Gbps at each school and 5 Gbps in its central office to create a 21st century technology program for its students.

Caddo Parish (LA) Schools is installing AT&T’s Switched Ethernet service in anticipation of more mobile devices on its network and state testing assessments.

Cleveland County (NC) Schools is upgrading its infrastructure to AT&T’s Switched Ethernet service in order to increase the number of wireless access points and bandwidth to support online testing.

Cullman County (GA) Schools is moving towards a 1:1 mobile learning model and turned to AT&T to upgrade its bandwidth for all schools.

Sacramento City (CA) Unified School District has a high population of economically disadvantaged students, but despite budget constraints is upgrading its circuits to a new 100 Mbps Ethernet OPT-E-MAN service from AT&T, including 64 high-speed data lines.

Wayne (MI) Regional Educational Service Agency is working with AT&T to upgrade its capabilities by 1,000 percent – expanding to 20 Gbps.

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