New iPro Lens System for iPhone 5

Lens and filter maker Schneider Optics announces that its add-on lens system for the iPhone is available for the iPhone 5. In addition, the system now offers a larger family of lenses, including a new Macro and Super Wide.

The iPro Lens System is built to enable professional quality photographic and video imagery with the iPhone by adding the benefits of interchangeable Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto lenses.

Because the iPhone 5 camera provides increased resolution, a better lens, and improved sensor, Schneider engineered a new family of lenses: the Series 2. This includes a new Fisheye, offering 180 degrees of view with a larger image circle and sharper images. With a 150° increase in width, the Super Wide doubles the field of view of the iPhone’s built-in lens. The Wide Angle offers edge-to-edge sharpness. For detailed close-ups of stamps, coins, jewelry, and flowers, there’s the new Macro.

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