New suite of courses tailored for college students

Edgenuity has announced a new suite of higher education courses designed to prepare college entrants for academic and career success.

Edgenuity’s suite of online higher education offerings includes:

  • Developmental Courses – Students take a pre-assessment to identify areas where they lack mastery. Based on the results, Edgenuity will serve customized content to students, helping them catch up on the fundamentals and acquire the knowledge they need to succeed. The courses are available in English and Mathematics, and include Reading Comprehension, Sentence Mechanics and Research & Expository Writing Skills, along with Basic Mathematics, Basic Algebra and College Algebra.
  • Test Preparation - Online test preparation for the GED, COMPASS®, or ACCUPLACER® academic placement tests. Test preparation programs also feature diagnostic assessments and prescriptive learning paths.
  • Study Resource - Edgenuity can be used as a fully-searchable database, enabling students to use the full Edgenuity curriculum as a study resource.
  • Comprehensive Course Content - Edgenuity’s curriculum can also expand or supplement college course offerings for resource-strapped colleges. Offerings are available in general education courses including Freshman English I, Freshman English II, College Algebra and Biology. Business, Digital Arts, Engineering and Health Science are also offered as electives, with Spanish, German, Latin, French and Chinese comprising Edgenuity’s world language suite.