Integrated student and device protection solution for mobile computing

Absolute(R) Software Corporation today announced the launch of Absolute Safe Schools, a comprehensive solution to help keep students and the community safer while securing mobile devices through protection and recovery.

Absolute Safe Schools is designed to educate students, staff and parents on how to avoid becoming easy targets for criminals, providing them with best practices and safe actions when carrying mobile devices. This includes onsite safety education sessions and videos, featuring the Absolute Investigation and Recovery Services team, safety tips, "Protected Campus" theft deterrent materials and toll-free theft tip line.

The Absolute Safe Schools solution works in conjunction with Absolute Software's theft-recovery software - Absolute Computrace(R) and Computrace Mobile Theft Management. The Absolute Safe Schools solution provides resources after a theft of a protected device. The Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team will conduct an investigation and will work with local law enforcement to recover devices using proven technology and investigative techniques.

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