Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 and mobile-only subscription option launched

Swiftpage, provider of integrated marketing and CRM solutions, today launched the third-generation of the Saleslogix Mobile platform and its accompanying app for smartphones and tablets.

In conjunction, the company also introduced a new mobile-only, software-as-as-service (SaaS) based subscription option that gives companies a way to get started with the CRM platform, or expand their current implementation to more mobile-only users.

Saleslogix Mobile 3.0

The new app can be customized to match company workflows, the industry segments the company serves, and individual work styles. In the starting configuration, users are immediately presented with a list of the most important next actions to be taken with each of their customers.

With a single tap, a user can see all interactions that have taken place with a customer, add a new action for that customer, initiate an interaction, enter an interaction notation, and so forth.

New Mobile-Only Subscription Options

In conjunction with the new mobile platform and app, the company also introduced two new subscription options designed for individuals and workgroups who do the majority of their business on the go.

Option one gives customers a new, fully SaaS-based implementation of Saleslogix with mobile-only access for each user, for a single price of $25 per-user, per-month.

A second option provides existing Saleslogix customers a way to add mobile-only users to any type of existing deployment. With this option, customers can add mobile-only users on a subscription basis, for a single price of $25 dollars per-user, per-month, or for $395 per-person for a perpetual license, with no minimum user requirements.