CTB/McGraw-Hill launches over 1,600 new digital resources

CTB/McGraw-Hill today announced the launch of more than 1,600 new digital Acuity® Instructional Resources built for the Acuity Common Core K-12 assessment solution. Developed to address the requirements of the Common Core State Standards, these interactive instructional resources enable teachers to provide targeted instructional content to each student.

Acuity's new instructional resources provide students with real-time feedback on their instructional progress, and educators with reports to inform additional instructional decisions. Used either by individual students or as classroom activities, these resources can be delivered on all common browsers as well as on iPad®.

Acuity Instructional Resources are currently available for Grades K-12 in English Language Arts and Mathematics. To learn more, visit www.ctb.com/acuity or view the demo video.