Classroom Software Monitors Student Chromebooks

Classroom management software NetSupport School for Chrome allows instructors to monitor their students' Chromebooks screen activity. Teachers are able to do the following:

  • View thumbnail of each Student Chromebook
  • Interact with each Student desktop thru real-time remote control
  • Show Instructor screen to all selected Student Chromebooks
  • Lock Students mouse and keyboard
  • Send an instant student survey and display results in real-time
  • Perform interactive bi-directional chat with any selected Student
  • Send prominent messages and instructions to any selected Student
  • Block all internet access or just unauthorized websites or remotely launch / close website on selected Student Chromebooks
  • Block FTP access on selected Chromebooks
  • Request Student registration at the beginning of class

For a limited time, Net Support School for Chrome is being offered free to any educational institution adopting Chrome. Visit to learn more.