Pearson Announces Plans To Measure Product Impact

Pearson has announced a series of commitments designed to measure and increase the company’s impact on learning outcomes:

• Report audited learning outcomes measures and targets alongside its financial accounts, covering its whole business by 2018
• Plans to “institutionalize” efficacy across Pearson’s organisation
• Published its Efficacy Framework for feedback and improvement
• Develop a global research network to gather the evidence needed on the “path to efficacy”

Pearson also publishes two reports. The first, Asking More: The Path to Efficacy, sets out the imperative for measuring and improving learning outcomes worldwide. The second, The Incomplete Guide to Delivering Learning Outcomes, shares in detail the company’s new approach to contributing to that goal and the progress it has made so far.

Pearson will now create a new global research network which will inform Pearson’s strategy and product development, and Pearson will share findings openly through a new online platform, Open Ideas.

Also published today is The Incomplete Guide to Delivering Learning Outcomes. Authored by Sir Michael Barber, Pearson’s Chief Education Advisor, and Saad Rizvi, Senior Vice President, Efficacy, the report shares Pearson’s “Efficacy Framework”, a review process designed to evaluate and improve impact on learning outcomes, and sets out the company’s strategy, initiatives and insights in applying it.