ChronoZoom offers new tools for history teachers

Microsoft Research announces new curricula for ChronoZoom, its free, online educational tool that helps visualize historical events over expansive periods of time.

The recipient of a 2013 SXSW Interactive Award, ChronoZoom allows students and teachers to create their own timelines, projects and exhibits through an authoring guide. Today, the digital educational tool can now be used in coordination with a series of new curricula that integrates ChronoZoom technology with traditional teaching resources. The modules include:

  • World War I
  • The impact of European Colonization on the Americas
  • A general module that helps students learn how to “think historically.”

More information about ChronoZoom and schools currently piloting this interactive tool can be found in this Microsoft Research blog post and this Next at Microsoft blog post, which includes a video highlighting the use of ChronoZoom in the classroom.