Peer Tutoring Platform Launches Online Classroom

Education technology startup is now offering a free collaborative classroom available on desktop and iPad.

Stoodle provides students with a no-charge, ad-free collaborative digital classroom featuring a real-time whiteboard with tutoring tools, voice conferencing, and text chat.

  • Students and tutors to invite others via URL or social media to begin the tutoring experience (no account needed).
  • Built in HTML5, is compatible with iPad.
  • The whiteboard provides students and tutors with a platform to display algebra, geometry and chemistry formulas, equations, graphs and more.
  • Real-time communication between tutor and tutees through voice conferencing and text chat was created by Arjun Mehta, along with Divyahans Gupta and Simar Mangat, high school students at The Harker School in San Jose, California all determined to provide a collaborative platform for students that’s better than turning to friends on Facebook or Skype to solve homework problems or discuss concepts.