Control Multiple Interactive Displays With One Computer

SMART Technologies Inc. announces SMART flex centralized computing platform, a combination of hardware and software that enables control of up to ten interactive displays with one computer. (Controls up to five on Windows operating systems, ten on Linux). Traditionally, school districts use one computer or laptop for each interactive display.

The SMART flex centralized computing platform works by connecting the flex client hardware to a single computer (host PC). Each SMART flex hardware client is then connected to a SMART interactive display to allow multiple collaborative learning stations to run from the processing power of a single computer.


  • Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Controls up to five interactive displays on Windows OS, ten on Linux
  • Reduces computer hardware needs, simplifies infrastructure
  • Teacher’s laptop or computer no longer required to support interactive display
  • Compact size: 4.7” x 3.1” x 1.1” (120 mmx 80 mm x 28 mm)
  • Future proof – SMART flex has up to 10 year lifespan, twice that of traditional computers

Pricing and Availability
SMART Flex will be available in February 2014, with the client hardware coming in 5-packs with a suggested school price of US$1,399. Prices outside the United States will vary.