150-Lumen Portable HD Video Projector Introduced

ELMO USA has introduced the BOXi T-200, a portable HD LED video projector. The 50-lumen DLP projector weighs 10.6 ounces in a footprint smaller than 4x6 inches and produces images as large as 68 inches diagonally. With a retail price of $429, the BOXi T-200 features a single HDMI connection for video sources and incorporates both a 1 watt mono speaker, and a mini-stereo output jack for sending sound through an audio system, speakers, or headphones.

The BOXi T-200 uses a long-life LED lamp and features an “ECO” mode which reduces power consumption by 46%. The projector is also equipped with a short-throw lens, allowing it to create a 68-inch picture at a distance of 52 inches from the screen.

For more information, visit www.elmousa.com.