Six Education Technology Trends to Watch in 2014

Edgenuity today announced its top ed tech predictions for the new year.

Edgenuity’s “Trends to Watch for 2014” include:

1)It’s All about Implementation

Schools need to clearly define their instructional goals and build a solid implementation plan before purchasing the latest technology. Ultimately, any new program must be grounded in good instructional practice.

2)Wired for the 21st Century Classroom

In the coming year, it will become clear that the entire technology ecosystem in most schools needs a substantial upgrade, including updated computers, faster Internet speed, and greater network capacity within the classroom.

3)Real-time Data to Personalize Instruction

Access to real-time data through technology will free teachers up to further differentiate instruction.

4)Career and Technical Education (CTE) for Everyone

CTE courses can help students assess their career interests early on, learn the professional skills they need to succeed, and train for a career path before they enter college or the workforce.

5)Competency, Not Age-Based Grouping, as the New Benchmark for Student Promotion

Technology-based instruction allows students to take more time to complete lessons if needed, or to move ahead at a faster pace than other students in their age group based on their mastery of academic content.

6)Ed Tech Goes Mainstream

Resistance to education technology will begin to break down as people see how eagerly today’s “digital native” students embrace online learning.