Today's Newsletter: News of the Weird, EdTech-Style

Remember when you used to read an actual newspaper? On page A23 or B14 there would usually be a section called News of the Weird. This recent brewhaha would fit the EdTech equivalent of that section quite nicely. The Austin American-Statesmanreports that Texas school districts are balking at a state student requirement to purchase $100 graphing calculators, citing “test security concerns” over using a $15 app that would work on smart devices. I’m sure our T&L advisor Carl Hooker, who is quoted in the article, will have a few choice words about this. In the meantime, I will suggest state officials Google “TI-84” and “cheat.” Is this an issue in your district? Tech&Learning wants to blow the lid off this outrage! Let us know. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director