Digital Publishing Tool for K-12 Education Launched

McGraw-Hill Education today announced that it has introduced its custom-publishing tool Create™ to the K-12 market.

Create’s platform gives teachers control over the selection and sequencing of course materials and allows them to develop their own print or e-books. Features include:

  • Thousands of McGraw-Hill Education texts, including core and supplemental series as well as cross-disciplinary resources from credible third party sources.
  • Search function enables teachers to access and sort resources and integrate their own resources to suit their teaching needs.
  • Create allows teachers to save and archive projects to work on at their convenience

Once a Create text has been fully customized, the instructor receives a digital review copy in under an hour. For educators requiring more complex curricula development backed by a product development team for creating classroom texts, digital solutions, and integrated program alternatives, McGraw-Hill Education offers a personal concierge.