Stoneware Announces the Availability of a New Hosted Offering

Stoneware Inc. announced the upcoming availability of a hosted (SaaS) version of webNetwork.

In addition to the new hosted offering, Stoneware also announced the upcoming availability of webNetwork DataSafe and webNetwork Data Optimization, two add-ons to enhance the delivery of resources and security. webNetwork DataSafe shields sensitive data from malware while blocking inbound attacks. It protects data from being copied or captured by launching web pages in a secure browser. webNetwork Data Optimization decreases page load times, reduces bandwidth usage and minimizes latency.

Key features of webNetwork include:

  • Secure Cloud Access webDesktop – new mobile friendly user interface designed for smartphones and tablets
  • webApp – deliver web, published Windows and virtual apps to any device
  • webStorage – access to network and public cloud storage through a HTML5 interface that works across all devices
  • webPass – a feature of webNetwork’s single sign-on that allows users to securely save usernames and passwords work and personal website
  • webStore – provides end users self-service for websites and web applications
  • webRDP – secure remote access to Terminal Servers and Windows apps from any browser
  • Enhanced support for the new generation of devices like Chromebooks, Android tablets and Macs through HTML5 technologies

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