eInstruction by Turning Technologies Announces ExamView Cloud

eInstruction byTurning Technologies announced the ongoing development and forthcoming release of ExamView Cloud for early 2015. The new release is a cloud-based platform for assessment authoring, management and delivery.

ExamView Cloud is a cloud-based platform that connects to and is compatible with ExamView Assessment Suite desktop software. In addition to traditional questions, ExamView Cloud will support technology enhanced items, multi-part questions and is QTI compliant. Content can be separated at teacher and district levels in every subject for all K-12 grades with metadata tagging that enhances search functionality of content. Premium content and state test publisher banks are available in addition to compatibility with legacy ExamView content.

Beta sites for select users will be available for fall 2014. ExamView Cloud is scheduled to launch in Q1 2015.

For more information on ExamView Cloud or potential beta site testing, contact examview@turningtechnologies.com.