Five Key Issues for School Networks

Insight Public Sector, a division of Insight Enterprises, Inc. has compiled five key issues to consider as technology places heavier demands on network infrastructure, based on Insight’s conversations with superintendents and technology leaders in school districts nationwide:

1. Brace for Bandwidth Pressure.

Students may have difficulty logging on or get kicked off during their lessons because a school’s Internet connection does not have the capability to support the additional devices in the classroom.

2. Stress Test Your Wireless Network.

School IT departments need to understand how many wireless devices can be active at one time in the classroom without overloading their wireless network.

3. To BYOD or Not to BYOD.

Letting students bring their own devices to the classroom for learning can save money, but can also create greater potential for security issues.

4. Manage Firewalls Carefully.

It is important for IT departments to look at how the firewall is configured and make sure that it can be set up to meet specifications that make learning the primary goal in the classroom.

5. Be Proxy Smart.

Districts need to ensure that web proxies do not “time out” after test-taking connections that may last more than one hour.

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