DynaVox Unveils Dedicated Speech-generating Tablet

DynaVox Systems, LLC, a Tobii Technology Company, today unveiled the DynaVox T15, a 15-inch touch-based speech-generating display tablet for individuals with advanced access needs, visual impairments or physical limitations.

The device combines a large display with high-contrast PCS symbols to enhance clarity and target size for those with visual limitations such as cortical visual impairment. The T15 can support multiple access methods, allowing users to communicate through touch, scanning and head mouse input.

DynaVox Compass, the communication software that ships with all T-Series devices, has also been updated to better accommodate users’ needs. Compass 2.0 features two new pagesets and new communication tools.

For customers seeking a more compact, touch-based communication device, DynaVox also announced today the availability of the Tobii M-8 with DynaVox Compass software.

For more information about all DynaVox products, including the T-Series, visit: www.dynavoxtech.com.