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The back-to-school photo phenomenon

One great new social media tradition is sharing back-to-school photos.
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One great new social media tradition is sharing back-to-school photos. For me, the newsfeed pics started a few weeks ago, with friends in Southern states checking in with their fresh-faced kids from front stoops and bus stops. But yesterday came the Mother lode—hundreds of them, some sporting Catholic and charter school plaid uniforms, some in the latest public school fashions, even a few sporting homemade, homeschool costumes (my favorite comes from Jackson Forde’s dad, still on vacation, pictured on the left). For me, virtually sharing this most common ritual with friends and colleagues both old and new has become a very real positive force to counteract the current influx of bad news and bad memories this time of year can bring. In that spirit, I would ask you to share pictures of your first days in the classroom to our Facebook page. We’ll post some of our favorites in the next issue.

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Welcome Back to School!

 (Cross posted at http ) Welcome back to school  I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge. We started last week with teachers back on Monday, freshmen on Wednesday, and all students today.


New Leaders: Back to School

My back to school posts have usually been helpful lists, things to do, and pep talks for new teachers, but recently I’ve been thinking that new principals and administrators need similar pep talks.

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Share Your Back-to-School Best Practices

Do you have some great back-to-school ideas for spreading the word about Atomic Learning that you've used in your district? Collaborate with your peers in the Atomic Learning User Group! Here's an example shared by Brooke Mulartrick of Methacton School District in PA. What's Edmodo? Edmodo is a social networking site for teachers and students - and it’s so much more! This free resource provides teachers and students a safe environment to communicate, collaborate, and have fun. Check out the Atomic Learning Edmodo training series where you'll learn how to sign up, how to set up your account, and how to use the many features, such as posting assignments and quizzes, populating a library of content, and even awarding recognition to students. To sign up for or log into  Edmodo, visit To join the Atomic Learning User Group, click on the "join" link on the left sidebar, and enter mk9dtw when prompted for the code.