Vernier Expands Its Offering of Wireless Sensors for Tablets

Vernier Software & Technology has expanded its line of wireless sensors with the Go Wireless pH® and the NODE+ CO2 Gas and Thermocouple sensor modules.

The Go Wireless pH is a general purpose sensor designed to remotely conduct pH measurements using supported Bluetooth® Smart ready devices such as the LabQuest 2 or iPad®. The NODE+ sensor modules are compatible with the NODE Wireless Platform and Vernier’s Graphical AnalysisTM for iPad® and iPhone®, as well as a collection of iOS and AndroidTM apps from Variable, Inc.

Vernier has also released the NODE+ CO2 Gas and Thermocouple sensor modules for use with the NODE Wireless Sensor Platform and Graphical Analysis app. The CO2 Gas sensor module measures CO2 gas concentration in air and can be used for many of the same experiments written for the Vernier CO2 Gas Sensor. The Thermocouple, which can be placed in extreme environments such as liquid nitrogen, measures air and water temperatures ranging from -200°C to 1200°C.

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