Los Angeles Schools Implement Countywide Tiered-Intervention Model

To ensure young children are socially and emotionally prepared for school, the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Head Start-State Preschool Division is implementing an innovative tiered model of intervention across all 16 of its delegate agencies.

“This new social-emotional model of intervention will help us prepare more than 13,000 at-risk preschool children in Los Angeles for kindergarten,” said Rebecca Lundeen, a school psychologist consultant for LACOE.

Since 2010, LACOE has used myIGDIs, a set of research-based assessment measures for preschool-aged children, as both a screener and progress-monitoring tool to identify 4-year-olds who would benefit from additional early literacy support, particularly in the areas of oral language and phonological awareness.

Through the county’s experimental pilot of a preschool Response-to-Intervention framework, they have been able to monitor the effectiveness of their early literacy intervention program and refine their model for Head Start programs moving forward. In 2016, LACOE plans to use the new edition of myIGDIs to begin monitoring the refined early literacy and early numeracy components of their RtI program.