SMART Notebook® 2015 to be Released

SMART Technologies Inc. announces the April 2015 release of SMART Notebook® 2015 collaborative learning software. The latest version of the collaborative learning software will offer a number of new features, including the lesson activity builder and concept mapping.

SMART Notebook 2015 offers:

* New lesson activity builder, which allows users to create fun learning games and activities in less than five minutes.
* Concept mapping, which allows visual organization of concepts to promote a deeper level of understanding.

SMART amp™ collaborative learning software is a cloud-based software that lets students co-create content on a digital canvas. New features include:

* The ability to write math equations using common symbols and superscript subscript Object attribution, which provides visibility into individual student contributions

* Grouping feature allows teachers to group students into their own workspaces in a few clicks.
* Single sign on to access content from Discovery Education USA and TigTag UK Three new content partners:
LessonPix USA, FortunaPix USA and Educandus Brazil
* Available in French and Spanish.

Pricing and Availability

SMART Notebook 2015 will be available for download on April 9, 2015 for customers with an active SMART Notebook Advantage subscription. The suggested price for a single, annual renewal for SMART Notebook Advantage is $54 in the United States and £34 in the U.K. Volume and duration discounts are available.

SMART amp is now available with a suggested price of $8 per student annually in the United States and £5.38 in the U.K. Volume and duration discounts are available.