3D Robotics Launches DroneEDU

3D Robotics (3DR) today launched its new DroneEDU program, offering free and discounted drone hardware, along with sponsorships, classroom support and partnerships, to assist students, teachers and schools in deploying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for advanced learning and exploration in STEM disciplines.

DroneEDU includes:

* 3DR will offer hundreds of autopilot sponsorships to educational clubs, organizations, departments, competitions and teams worldwide. Programs in elementary through post-graduate levels can receive up to three autopilots by submitting a proposed use case.

* 3DR’s technology experts will provide drone demonstrations, keynotes and/or special sessions on integrating UAV technology into new educational fields as availability allows.

DroneEDU participants, programs and initiatives will be showcased on the education section of 3DR’s website at www.3dr.com/drones-education.

To participate in DroneEDU or learn more, visit www.3drobotics.com/drones-education.