New Curriculum Prepares Students with Special Needs for Assessments

Mayer-Johnson, a Tobii Dynavox company, introduces Boardmaker Instructional Solutions (BIS) during the 2015 ATIA Conference in Orlando, Florida. Available for use by educators, therapists, and parents, BIS are curricular programs designed to offer research-based instruction for students with special needs.

The new solutions are delivered through the educators’ Boardmaker Online subscription. Initial offerings include:

  • ► Boardmaker Current Events: a weekly news-based educational program that provides rigorous academic instruction in English language arts (ELA) and math
  • ► Boardmaker Expedition Education: a year-long rigorous academic curriculum that provides students with special needs in grades three and above with the tools needed to become readers, writers and thinkers. Each unit is comprised of two introductory lessons, sixteen subject-specific lessons and reflective culminating activities.
  • ►Boardmaker Book Bridge: a curriculum to helps students with special needs meet the modern academic standards for reading, writing and vocabulary development through grade-level literature.