Learning.com Unveils New High School Digital Literacy Course

Now available for district purchase and implementation, Project NextTech is a two-semester course that provides project-based instruction to help students develop technology, information and media literacy skills.

The content for Project NextTech is based on curriculum developed by the nonprofit Generation YES® through years of research and student and teacher feedback. Project NextTech addresses the 24 performance indicators in the ISTE Standards for Students and is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TA-TEKS) for high school curriculum – addressing all strands of the Fundamentals of Computer Science TA-TEKS.

Project NextTech focuses on three core instruction topics:

  • Technology Literacy: students develop technology skills and the ability to select the right tool for the context, task, and audience.
  • Information Literacy: students locate and access information, evaluate information critically and competently, and use information effectively and ethically.
  • Media Literacy: students access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in all its forms.

Visit Learning.com at booth #917 during the TCEA 2015 Convention to see Project NextTech in action. To learn more about Project NextTech, visit Learning.com/project-nexttech.