Think Through Math Announces Winners of “Math EVERY Day” Challenge

Think Through Learning, authors of Think Through Math (TTM), a web-based math instructional system for grades 3 through Algebra 1, announced today the winners of its national “Math Every Day” challenge. Students were challenged to submit examples that demonstrated how math is used throughout every day, from very simple scenarios such as making change to much more complex situations such designing clothes.

The winning submissions incorporate a broad range of math concepts including metric conversion, spatial positioning, linear equations, variability, symmetry and more. Excerpts from winning submissions:

Each Lego piece represents a fraction of the entire creation. Each piece actually represents a fraction itself, for example if the two by four was the whole, than a two by two would be a half, a two by one a fourth.”

By setting up a proportion, I can use the sketch drawn to obtain the measurements needed to actually make the costume.”

I have to play the piano in a melodious way. If I don’t know the correct timing for each note it would sound as if I was playing random keys.”

Farmers need to be aware of how many hogs they raise and how many go off to slaughter. They must understand costs of gas, supplies and labor before packaging and delivering the pork to the local market. This process uses math to determine supply and demand as well as profit margin.”

I use math to count my allowance. We split all of our money in three banks. Ten percent goes in my give bank. Ten percent goes in my save bank. We put the rest in our spend bank.”

Think Through Math awarded three classroom prizes in addition to 20 student finalists, all of whom received e-gift cards. The top three Math Every Day Classroom Prizes were awarded to:

Math In Sports” - Ms. Pool, 4th Grade, Harmony Intermediate School

Math Around the Clock” - Ms. Holcomb, 3rd Grade, Timber Creek Elementary School

Holiday Farmers Market” - Ms. Warmbrodt, 7th Grade, Dan F. Long Middle School