Aerohive Announces New iOS App for Guest and BYOD Management

Aerohive Networks® today announced it has developed a new iOS App for guest and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management. In addition, the company is teaming with Impulse to deliver end-to-end network security, protection and visibility.

Aerohive is expanding its security capabilities with new enhancements to its ID Manager application and Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) feature.

ID Manager now has an accompanying iOS app that enables self-service guest and BYOD registration by employees.

In addition, Aerohive has partnered with Impulse to extend its security functionality to network access control (NAC). Impulse’s device-centric access control approach integrates directly with Aerohive’s access point user profiles to dynamically assign Layer 2-7 firewall policies and quality-of-service privileges without the need for VLAN steering.

Pricing and Availability

ID Manager is sold in packs of concurrent users, starting at $500/year US for 10 active credentials. The new iOS ID Manager App is a free download on iTunes with an active ID Manager subscription. Aerohive’s PPSK feature is available today on all Aerohive access points and branch routers running HiveOS 5.0 or later. Integration with Impulse is available today for free to all current Aerohive customers with access points running HiveOS 6.4 or later.