Common Sense Education Launches Digital Compass™

Common Sense Education, as part of the nonprofit Common Sense, today released Digital Compass™, an interactive gaming platform to help 6th through 9th graders learn critical skills of digital literacy and citizenship.

Based on lessons from Common Sense Education's K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, Digital Compass™ addresses the key issues that kids face in the digital world – cyberbullying, privacy and security, creative credit and copyright, information literacy, Internet safety, digital footprint and reputation, self-image and identity, relationships and communication.

Designed as an animated choose-your-own-adventure game, Digital Compass™ puts students in the role of one of eight characters (four male, four female), each of whom is faced with a series of digital dilemmas. Students determine their character's actions – and the story’s outcomes – by making a series of decisions between one of two options as the story progresses.

Teachers and parents may access Digital Compass™ at

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