Knowledge Delivery Systems and to Provide Educators with Flipped Learning Course

Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS), provider of strategic and blended professional learning solutions for states and school districts, has announced today a partnership with flipped learning pioneers Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, co-founders, a leading global provider of flipped learning training services.

“The Flipped Classroom: Personalizing the Classroom to Reach Each Student Every Day” provides grades 6 to 12 educators with instructions for flipped learning.

Topics and activities in the course include:

· Flipped learning techniques and Common Core instructional shifts

· Examples from actual classrooms about a day in the life of a flipped classroom

· Going deeper with flipped learning strategies in the classroom

· How to get buy in from key stakeholders and address points of resistance

· Organizing lessons with formative and summative strategies that work best with Flipped Learning

· Troubleshoot specific issues unique to the Flipped Learning methodology