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Bundled document camera and projector for classroom

ELMO USA Corporation has released the Doc-Tor, a bundled presentation system featuring the TT-02RX “Teacher’s Tool” document camera and one of ELMO’s new line of CRP-22/CRP-26 LCD projectors.

The Doc-Tor system includes a choice between the CRP-22 (2200 lumens) or CRP-26 (2600 lumens) LCD projector. The compact, lightweight ELMO CRP projectors offer features such as wired LAN network capability, multilingual menus, closed captioning, and more.

The accompanying TT-02RX “Teacher’s Tool” document camera features the Sony 1.5 mega pixel CMOS chip that captures and displays full-motion video at 30 frames per second, enhanced 5.2x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom with auto focus, microscope viewing mode and more.

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