SMART Introduces Next-Generation Interactive Whiteboard System

SMART Technologies Inc. announces an upgrade to its line of interactive whiteboard systems. At the heart of the SMART Board® interactive whiteboard system is the new ultra-short throw SMART U100w projector. The U100w offers a bright, high definition (HD) widescreen image, measured at 3,600 lumens in standard mode and a long-lasting lamp that provides up to 5,000 hours in standard mode and 6,500 hours in economy mode. The lamp life in economy mode represents an improvement of more than 100 percent compared to previous SMART UX80 projector models.

Features include:

  • New centralized dial system, onboard quality diagnostics and improved user alerts
  • Dual HDMI and USB connectivity and wireless-ready
  • Reduced footprint - 67 percent smaller by volume than previous SMART UX80 projector models
  • Front-facing 9 Watt speaker

All systems come with SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software. The SMART Board M685 interactive whiteboard system, featuring the U100w projector will be available globally in May 2015 at a suggested education price of $3,999 in the US ($400 less than the previous UX80 system). Prices outside the United States will vary.

For more information, visit for the 600 series and for the 800 series.