Houston County (Ala.) Schools Using Mobile Safety App CrisisManager

SchoolDude today announced that Houston County Schools, a school district in southeastern Alabama serving approximately 6,400 K-12 students, is now using its mobile safety platform CrisisManager.

At Houston County Schools’ 14 K-12 school locations, administrators can access CrisisManager for step-by-step procedures to follow during emergencies including inclement weather, active shooter, bomb threat, student injury and other crisis situations.

“We’ve received positive feedback from our school administrators, as CrisisManager offers them an easy to use, detailed guide for handling any emergency,” said Kenny Fondren, technology specialist, Houston County Schools.

Houston County Schools’ CrisisManager mobile app is customizable and offers one-tap emergency calling, building schematics, emergency exits and lockdown locations relevant to the various schools in the district. Emergency plans, available with or without a Wi-Fi connection, are password-protected, and not available to the general public.