Nebraska District Adopts Single Sign-On Solution

Grand Island Public Schools, which serves over 9,400 Nebraska students, has adopted ClassLink’s single sign-on solution district-wide.

The district is one of the fastest growing in Nebraska. Digital learning at Grand Island is growing too, with more and more classes using educational apps and cloud-based resources. While the switch to digital resources is paving the way for more personalized learning, the use of so many apps was creating many different logins for students to remember. Enter ClassLink.

“We needed something to alleviate the pain students and staff were having creating, remembering and signing on with so many different usernames and passwords,” said Cory Gearhart, Executive Director of IT, Grand Island Public Schools. “We decided to pilot ClassLink this winter for wide scale adoption next fall. ClassLink’s implementation was seamless and it was so well received during the pilot that we offered full implementation in the spring for our early adopters. Students and staff appreciate the ease ClassLink provides in accessing all of their resources and I’ve been impressed with ClassLink’s responsiveness to any customization and maintenance.”

In addition to providing single sign-on to websites, e-textbooks, and remote Windows applications, ClassLink gives students and teachers access to school network files at home and at school. ClassLink requires few servers, and district-wide setup takes less than an hour.

Berj Akian, CEO of ClassLink, said “It’s great to see school systems like Grand Island adopting so many digital resources for learning. These tools can absolutely reach learners in more engaging ways and help them achieve deeper understanding of content.”