SMART Unveils SMART kapp iQ for Education

SMART Technologies Inc. announces SMART kapp iQ™, an Ultra HD display that enables students to learn in groups, either on the display itself or on any web-enabled device.

SMART kapp iQ requires only a power supply to work in whiteboarding mode. Educators and students walk up to the display and share notes and drawings from the display onto connected devices, whether they are in the same room or remote. Students can contribute to on-screen content directly from their Android, iOS or web-based devices and have those notes appear on other students' connected devices and on the large display as well. Users can capture, save and share content for later review and re-use within SMART Notebook, SMART amp™ or other learning management systems.

SMART Notebook software is included and allows educators to create engaging interactive learning experiences.

More Key Features of SMART kapp iQ

  • Students with special needs, those contributing asynchronously or remote, have more ways to participate, using their own mobile devices
  • Seamlessly switch the interactive flat panel to PC input to use SMART Notebook software, or other applications and content
  • Integrates with SMART amp™ software

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