Survey: Educators Struggle with Translating Assessment Data

A recent survey by Lexia Learning®, a Rosetta Stone® company, suggests that gaps exist in teachers’ abilities to quickly access, interpret and act upon student data to support instruction. The survey, which polled more than 200 educators at the International Society for Technology in Education 2015 Conference and Expo (ISTE), indicated there is a need to have assessments more quickly pinpoint deficiencies while providing teachers with connections to actionable data for immediate instructional planning.

Only 35 percent of the survey respondents felt that teachers at their schools had a high or very high level of comfort connecting data to instruction. The low figure suggests that the majority of teachers still have trouble using data to identify students’ problem areas and adjust instruction accordingly.

The survey also found that fewer than half (48 percent) of respondents felt that their current screener assessments provide clear categorizations of which students were on track and which needed more attention.