Comcast Upgrades Internet Essentials

Comcast today announced several enhancements and milestones for Internet Essentials, the high-speed Internet adoption program. The company said it plans to double the service’s download Internet speed, offer subscribers a Wi-Fi router for no additional cost, and conduct several pilot programs for low-income senior citizens.

The current speed is doubling to up to 10 Mbps downstream, which is enough to power multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, by offering free Wi-Fi routers, customers will be able to connect any Internet-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones.

To receive the faster Internet speed, customers simply need to reboot their cable modems. Existing customers who would like a Wi-Fi router should call the dedicated call center and either request to have one shipped to them for free, or schedule a professional installation, also for no additional cost. New customers will have the option to receive a Wi-Fi router when they sign up.