Five Back-to-School Safety Plan Assessment Tips

SchoolDude, creator of mobile safety platform CrisisManager, is offering five tips to K-12 and campus school leaders for maintaining school safety.

  1. Assess the risks
    Conduct an overall assessment to identify common risks.
  2. Review existing plans
    Make any necessary updates to guarantee emergency contact information, building details and safety protocols are current. Also, determine if additional plans are needed for new school facilities or for any other emergency scenarios.
  3. Readdress communication procedures
    Verify that plans are reaching constituents. Consider a multi-layered approach including traditional paper-based safety materials as well as a mobile safety platform.
  4. Make advance connections with first responders
    Connect with local police, fire departments and other first responders about safety protocols.
  5. Empower constituents with actionable response plans
    Offer teachers, staff and faculty safety plans with detailed response procedures.

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