Mississippi District Uses Networking Solution to Accommodate High Density and 1:1 Initiative

Mississippi District Uses Networking Solution to Accommodate High Density and 1:1 Initiative

Today’s 21st century classroom relies on smart technology to support new learning initiatives. As a result, there is an increasing demand to provide a simple, secure and scalable wireless networking infrastructure that can handle high traffic across a widespread area of buildings and support multiple instructional platforms based on different technologies.

Lamar County School District in Mississippi uses Aerohive Networks®’s controller-less networking solutions to provide Wi-Fi access to over 10,000 students and 1,300 faculty across 15 schools. The District can now support its 1:1 initiative, while meeting the expanding requirements to integrate with Google Classroom apps and Apple technologies.

Prior to deploying Aerohive, LCSD relied on wireless technology from another provider. Over time, the need for a wireless solution to accommodate density and the influx of Bring Your Own devices became imperative.

LCSD began deploying over 1,300 Chromebooks and 500 iPads and, as a result, they began searching for a centrally-managed networking solution that could provide wireless access across the 15 schools and auxiliary buildings in the district, including its central office, nurses’ clinic, parent outreach facility and school bus mechanical shops.

After evaluating several traditional networking vendors, LCSD selected Aerohive for its management features, flexibility, licensing model and scalability - a key component for a district with ambitious plans for integrating Wi-Fi into classrooms and operations.

LCSD deployed Aerohive AP230 access points and was one of the first Aerohive customers to deploy 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi technology. The district chose 802.11ac access points in order to "future-proof" and adequately provision the entire wireless solution. The 802.11ac technology also enabled LCSD to continue seamless operations despite the extensive range between buildings.

LCSD uses Aerohive’s Social Login, allowing students to authenticate to the network via a Google account with a single login. Guests after school hours also use it: visitors sign on with social media credentials, giving the district analytics for how the network is used. HiveManager® Online provides the ability to manage the network from one centralized place.

The interoperability of the Aerohive solution has been instrumental in moving many paper-based operations to a digital format at LCSD. Administrators and teachers use the network to access software for entering grades, attendance, teacher evaluations and student registration.

Lamar County School District (LCSD), the fastest-growing school district in the state of Mississippi, services over 10,000 students and employs 1,300 faculty members across 15 schools.