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Digital Textbooks Help District Educators Provide Students with Personalized Learning Experience

Digital Textbooks Help District Educators Provide Students with Personalized Learning Experience

In 2013, Connecticut’s Meriden Public Schools (MPS) embarked on an ambitiousplan to transition from teacher-led instruction to student-led education and to create more blended learning opportunities for students. This effort is being shaped by the school system’s comprehensive educational technology planfor 2015–2020, which guides the implementation of technologies that: build meaningful learning experiences for students; encourage student collaboration; and promote flexible learning paths. Key components of the district’s technology strategy include further integration of educational technology into all curriculum areas; more systematic technology-focused professional development opportunities for faculty and staff; and the exploration and implementation of additional cost-effective technology solutions.

To support this strategy, MPS has adopted BYOD guidelines district-wide and has implemented 1:1 digital environments in its high schools. In addition, beginning this school year, high-school educators and students will receive access to Discovery Education’s Math, Social Studies, and Science Techbooks, and middle-school science teachers will begin integrating the Science Techbook into classroom instruction. The Techbook series includes professional development and features a comprehensive design that places model lessons, student activities, and assessments at teachers’ fingertips. Techbooks are platform neutral and can be used in 1:1 or 1-to-many configurations and in any instructional environment.

“We are pleased to continue our long-term partnership with Discovery Education, as it has been at the core of our effort to build the student-centered learning environments that lead to student success in college, careers, and civic life,” says Susan Moore, supervisor of blended learning at Meriden Public Schools.