littleBits™ Announces littleBits Education, Launches First 1:1 Program

littleBits™ Announces littleBits Education, Launches First 1:1 Program

littleBits Electronics, Inc. today announces littleBits Education, a line of products for education.

littleBits Education has released four new education programs designed in collaboration with educators.

  • littleBits STEAM PD, a stand-alone professional development offering. The online course helps teachers learn about how to use littleBits to integrate STEAM instruction in grades 2-8 through an interactive, hands-on course. Includes littleBits Kit.
  • littleBits Invention Lab, a bundle specifically for makerspaces in libraries and other learning environments. Supports up to 72 students.
  • littleBits Classroom Integration, for schools or districts that want to start integrating invention and STEAM into the curriculum in at least five classrooms. Supports up to 160 students, or 32 students per classroom, and also provides a makerspace for the whole school to use.
  • littleBits 1:1, a bundle that provides every student with their own mobile makerspace to use across subjects, both in and outside school.

The programs can be customized based on local needs. To learn more about what each program includes, visit the education website.

This school year, Marymount School of New York, an independent girls school based in Manhattan, will be the first to use littleBits’ 1:1 portable invention Kits as “mobile makerspaces.” This initiative provides all students in grades three through five with customized littleBits Kits that they can carry from school to home.