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Bridgeport Public Schools Expands myON District Wide

Bridgeport Public Schools Expands myON District Wide

myON announces a K-9 district wide implementation at Bridgeport Public Schools in Bridgeport, CT. The partnership will provide students online and offline access to more than 6,000 digital books. As the second largest district in the state, with 37 schools serving more than 21,000 students, Bridgeport Public Schools sought out myON to strengthen its literacy program by better integrating technology into its curriculum and placing more books in the hands of students in and out of the classroom.

“Our mission is to increase digital access in our community and to put more books in the hands of our students,” said Fran Rabinowitz, the superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools. “With myON, students are able to access a wide variety of books both in school, where each classroom is equipped with Chromebooks, or at home on their computers, tablets, or devices, allowing them to engage in reading wherever they are.”

The district began using myON at the pre-K–8 Luis Munoz Marin School to support the literacy program and increase the number of books available to students and their families. After initial success, the district expanded the pilot program in January, which lead district officials to adopt myON at every school in the district in time for the 2015–2016 school year.

“Thanks to myON, our teachers are cutting out the busywork and supplementing active reading lessons individualized for all students, including English language learners and special ed students. We are very excited about the expansion of myON in our district, and we look forward to more of our students gaining access to the personalized literacy environment,” said Rabinowitz.