SIIA Announces 2015 Innovation Incubator Finalists

SIIA Announces 2015 Innovation Incubator Finalists

The Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of the SIIA announces finalists and an alternate, for its Innovation Incubator Program.

The SIIA Innovation Incubator Program identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their development and distribution of innovative learning technologies.

Innovation Incubator Program finalists were selected from the applicant pool based on key selection criteria, including:

  • Ability to positively impact end users of the product
  • Ability to succeed in the education technology market
  • Level of originality and innovation

Innovation Incubator Program finalists are:

ASD Reading, ASD Reading - ASD Reading is a groundbreaking literacy & language program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - including those who are non-verbal (i.e., non-speaking)! ASD Reading uses innovative methods that leverage skills the children already have to teach them to read and write as well as comprehend.

CatchOn, CatchOn - CatchOn provides school administrators and teachers with real data on thousands of apps downloaded and used at their school and beyond. Rather than test 100 apps to find a decent one, they can now see which apps are used in other classrooms and how effectively they are being used.

ClassWallet, ClassWallet - ClassWallet manages both funding and spending within a closed, controlled platform. Our virtual wallet receives peer-to-peer funding deposits utilizing a patent-pending pursing structure. Ecommerce suppliers accept ClassWallet as form for payment and provide us SKU level cart data.

Epiphany Learning, Epiphany Learning - Epiphany Learning is the first student-centric personalized learning application that fully harnesses the power of personalized learning by giving students a voice and choice in their education.

Fantasy Geopolitics, FANSchool, Inc. - Popularly referred to as "fantasy football for social studies and literacy standards," Fantasy Geopolitics is a social learning game that follows countries as they compete for news headlines and development goals.

Gateway2Achieve, The BLPS Group - A robust and cost-effective end-to-end solution to create and deliver highly interactive digital content! Powered by mAuthor and the Gateway2Achieve learning environment, our solution is customizable, intuitive and innovative.

LaunchGen, LaunchGen - LaunchGen is helping to launch the next generation of innovators, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs by creating competition-based learning opportunities for all students.

MathSpace, MathSpace - Students input all of their math work into a mobile device, writing with their finger or stylus. Mathspace digitizes their input and flags errors, allowing students to self-correct. We've replicated the 1:1 tuition model, allowing every student to have a teacher by their side giving real time feedback.

PrepMagic, Learning Hyperdrive, Inc. - Prepmagic is a fun and engaging simulations-based assessment tool for science that helps to build core scientific skills including analytical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving.

Zumo Learning System, Zyrobotics, Inc. - To increase the inclusion of children with disabilities into the classroom environment, we have developed the Zumo Learning System, an e-learning system that couples a physical manipulative with accessible STEM education apps.


Hello Numbers, Numbers Alive! - Many firms create math apps, but none have created one based on numeric linkages in the world without competition or “right/wrong” responses. The coordination of the tablet app to the book and plush numbers in a blended learning style (allows interaction with the tablet app) was mentioned as a reason for the 5 star top rating by the Educational App Store.

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