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Nureva Announces Trans-Atlantic Student Collaboration

Nureva Announces Trans-Atlantic Student Collaboration

Nureva Inc.announces its first trans-Atlantic student collaboration project using its Span visual collaboration system and HDL300 audio conferencing system. The project kicked off in December and involves 4th-grade students from Pheasey Park Farm Primary School in Birmingham, UK, working with 12th-grade students from Riverview High School in New Brunswick, Canada, in six sessions over three months. The goal is to help students build communication and collaboration skills by exchanging ideas about how artificial intelligence and other technological innovations will impact their lives.

Each learning space is equipped with a 20' 2" (6.16 m) wide Span system and an HDL300 system that enables them to share and discuss their ideas. The 60 students from Pheasey Park and Riverview post their ideas and photos to a Span canvas in the cloud. Students see all the contributions instantly and interact with the information in real time. Together, they sort, combine and debate ideas as if they were working in the same room.