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Product Review: Workbench

Workbench is an online project-based learning platform where teachers can create, find, and share STEAM-related projects and curricula.
Publish date: ■ Retail Price: A limited account is free; school site licenses start at $2,200 per school; and seat licenses start at $5/user, with a minimum of 100 users.


Workbench is an online project-based learning platform where teachers can create, find, and share STEAM-related projects and curricula. Workbench also integrates third-party hardware such as Parrot Drones, SAM Labs, Sphero, and more. It features a block coding tool so students can program and run the third-party hardware devices wirelessly.

Workbench allows students to share their work by uploading pictures and videos to the platform. Teachers can assign a variety of content to their classes in addition to differentiating for struggling learners. Workbench also integrates with Google Classroom, or by syncing with your school SIS or LMS using Clever.


Quality and Effectiveness: Workbench provides high-quality, standards-aligned content that is customizable and flexible. It gives educators the ability to personalize and differentiate instruction. Content can be modified easily so teachers can use it even without the compatible third-party devices. This flexibility, along with the multimedia content, allows students to hone their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Ease of Use: Workbench is easy to use and customize. It comes preloaded with state-specific standards so teachers can build and track standards-aligned lessons. Teachers on the Workbench platform are part of a larger community of educators with access to a vast library of searchable content that can be customized as needed.

Creative Use of Technology: Workbench’s innovative approach to presenting a variety of content, its flexibility, and its integrated coding tools make it an effective learning tool. Also, because it’s a Web-based application, Workbench integrates easily with 1:1 and BYOD programs.

The interface is attractive and easy to navigate. It’s broken down into easy-to-understand sections such as Portfolio, Class, Workbook, and Dashboard. The project content is categorized by grade and subject area such as Math, ELA, Art, and Social Studies.


Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Teachers and students can get up and running quickly with this excellent project-based learning tool. Teachers can push out and monitor content easily, and students can find and submit work with the same ease. Workbench does not restrict students to what the teacher assigns but gives them the flexibility to extend their learning and explore other topics.


Workbench, with its excellent content and design, enables teachers of virtually any subject and grade level to integrate STEAM and project-based learning into their curriculum.


1. High-quality, standards-aligned content can be customized to meet the needs of both teachers and students.
2. Because of its excellent third-party hardware integration and block coding environment, students can connect, transfer, and run programs wirelessly to their devices.
3. Teachers can “remix” and differentiate content that has been shared by other educators on the platform.




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