UBTECH Announces Yanshee Programmable Robot

UBTECH Announces Yanshee Programmable Robot

Today, UBTECH Robotics introduces a new member of its family to the US Education market. Yanshee combines an advanced AI interface, a programmable Raspberry Pi card, and a host of sensors and functionality to an open-source platform for educators, students, and robot enthusiasts to learn, experiment, research, and engage with.

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Standing, walking, or dancing: At nearly 15 inches tall, Yanshee features facial, gesture, voice recognition and activation, a speech-to-text functionality, and a built-in 1080i 8-Megapixel camera. STEM educators and students will find built-in sensors such as a gyroscope, temperature, humidity, air pressure, infrared, and ultrasonic. This combination of advanced technologies enables Yanshee to perform tasks on command, test environmental conditions, speak, listen, thoughtfully answer questions, and relay data.

The open source nature of the platform means students can leverage multiple coding languages – including C, C++, Python, Java and Blockly – to collaborate and engage with Yanshee.

For more information on UBTECH and its complete line of robots, visit ubtrobot.com.